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Small scale production or pilot sized KEK Cone Mill
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Production scale KEK Cone Mill
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Production scale KEK Cone Mill

Product Details

The KEK Cone Mill provides a feature rich conical milling solution.


Cone milling is a low energy size reduction process ideal for fatty, heat sensitive, sticky, moist or otherwise difficult to grind products.


The conical milling screen and beater combination helps to alleviate the noise, dust and heat problems associated with more traditional milling techniques.


Material to be processed is fed into the milling chamber where the rotating beater forces it into a spiral vortex against a conical shaped perforated screen. The cone can be perforated in many ways, each producing different grinding characteristics or improving difficult milling applications.


Although Process Components Ltd offer a comprehensive range of standard Cone Mill designs, each model in the range can be customised to suit each customers' individual requirements.


User Benefits


High Efficiency - Virtually all the energy input is utilised in the size reduction process


Gentle Grinding Action - Permits uniform size distribution, resulting in the minimum of fines


Low Heat Generation - essential when milling fatty, sticky or heat sensitive products


Low Dust Levels - no need for air filtration helping to keep installation costs to a minimum


Low Noise - no costly acoustic protection; mobile units can be used in almost any plant location


Flexibility - Free standing mobile or skid mounted units are readily available, otherwise both standard and bespoke solutions can be integrated into larger systems.


Drive Options


The CM540 Cone Mill is regularly customised to meet customer requirements, this often includes the drive package providing the motive force for the rotating beater.


Core drive configurations split into two main categories: Direct Driven and Belt Driven.


Direct drive solutions tend to be more appropriate where high hygiene and compact size are critical requirements or where there is a need to house the drive through an isolating wall or boundary.


Belt drives tend to be more robust and practical for most normal applications.


Both these drive types are available in Over or Under driven styles; i.e. the drive parts connect to the rotating beater from above or below. The need for one or other style tends to be dictated by the installation requirements and the avilable space for the mill or access to it.


We will be happy to explore which drive option suits your particular requirement.


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