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Mid range KEK Cantilever sifter for rates up to 20T/hr
Smallest cantilever sifter in the KEK range for rates up to 150kg/hr
Compact and light weight KEK Cantilever Centrifugal Sifter for rates up to 150kg/hr
Compact KEK Cantilever Sifter for rates of up to 5T/hr
Large KEK Cantilever Sifter suitable for sieving rates up to 40T/hr
The largest of the KEK sifter range suitable for rates up to 100T/hr
KEK K800C Cantilever Sifter
Large KEK Cantilever Sifter suitable for sieving rates up to 40T/hr

Product Details



Kek Centrifugal sifters provide the idea screening solution for dry powder and other bulk solid handling systems. The ‘Cantilever’ design offers users high standards in hygiene and ease of operation that are unprecedented.


The K800C unit is just one of an extensive range capable of screening at rates up to 40 tonnes/hr, depending on the application parameters.


The K800C machine has the added benefit of a generous clearance around the sieve screen ensuring that rates can be maintained even with sticky products.


Features include:


  • High Capacity & High Efficiency Sifting
  • Gravity and Inline Pneumatic Conveying Designs
  • Cantilever Shaft – No Oversize Bearing or Seal
  • 30 Second Screen Changes
  • Easy Disassembly for Cleaning and Maintenance


Design Options


Kek Centrifugal Sifters can be customised to suit the demands of process, environment and installation requirements.


Typical optional design features include:


  • Drive arrangement
  • Hazardous area certification in accordance with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
  • Pressure rated design
  • Gas inerting
  • CIP capability
  • Special metals and alloys for construction
  • High containment machines
  • Screen protection or trash traps
  • High containment and dust-tight connections


Screen Options


Centrifugal Sifters are available with a number of various screening media options to suit the specific application needs


Nylon Mesh – Most popular and versatile, benefiting from high throughput rates and a wide range of mesh sizes down to 30µ


Steel Mesh – Wide size range and beneficial where applications require metal-detectable screen media


Wedge Wire – Heavy-duty “slotted” type metal screen for abrasive check-sieving applications


Perforated Plate – Heavy duty metal screen for high capacity check-sieving and abrasive applications


Special Polymers – Similar to Nylon Screens but using special polymers that can be resistant to high temperatures, corrosive products and static electricity


Typical Industry Applications include:


Food Industry


  • Flour sifting
  • Ingredient check sifting
  • Dairy powder sifting
  • Bakery mix de-lumping and final dressing
  • Chemical Industry


General fine powder classification


  • Nylon flock deagglomeration
  • Powder deagglomeration
  • Powder Paint Check Sieving
  • Pharmaceutical Industry


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