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Mid range KEK Cantilever sifter for rates up to 20T/hr
Smallest cantilever sifter in the KEK range for rates up to 150kg/hr
Compact and light weight KEK Cantilever Centrifugal Sifter for rates up to 150kg/hr
Compact KEK Cantilever Sifter for rates of up to 5T/hr
Large KEK Cantilever Sifter suitable for sieving rates up to 40T/hr
The largest of the KEK sifter range suitable for rates up to 100T/hr
KEK Mini-Sifter
Compact and light weight KEK Cantilever Centrifugal Sifter for rates up to 150kg/hr

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For applications on a small thruoghput scale, outside the increased hygeine requirements of the laboratory, the KEK Mini-Sifter offers a compact and cost effective solution.


Scaled to suit low throughput or pilot applications the Mini-sifter is capable of rates between just a few grams per minute up to 150 kilos per hour; application dependant.

The cast aluminium alloy body delivers reduced weight and minmises internal crevices.


Design Options


KEK Centrifugal Sifters can be customised to suit the demands of process, environment and installation requirements.


The body configuration allows this machine to supplied in 'insertable' format; where the sieving parts of the machine can inserted into your equipment whilst locating the product inlet and drive assembly outside the process area.


This configuration has been used successfully in 3D printing machines where pre-screening of the powders used is a critical factor in the process.


KEK Mini Siftter


Screen Options


Centrifugal Sifters are available with a number of various screening media options to suit the specific application needs


Nylon Mesh – Most popular and versatile, benefiting from high throughput rates and a wide range of mesh sizes down to 30µ


Steel Mesh – Wide size range and beneficial where applications require metal-detectable screen media


Special Polymers – Similar to Nylon Screens but using special polymers that can be resistant to high temperatures, corrosive products and static electricity


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