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Product Details

Following the raised public awareness of the increasing presence of MRSA, we have introduced a new anti-microbial silicone seal, specifically developed to break down bacteria. This material has been independently tested to JIS Z 2801:200 against such strains as E-coli, MRSA and Salmonella across a varied temperature range. Our anti-microbial product is proven to reduce spore reproduction and accelerates count reduction to the killing of the strain.


The growth of bacteria on and around rubber seals, gaskets etc. substantially increases the threat to health and safety. This can be avoided using our anti-microbial seals, because as the bacteria or microbes come into contact with the anti-microbial seal, bacteria / microbes are destroyed, as they absorb the free silver ions that are present in the seal material.


Advantages of using our anti-microbial seals are that:


  • The free silver ions on the outside of the seals remain active even after several
         cleaning cycles.
  • The silver ions are also released into areas that are difficult of impossible to
         access using conventional cleaning detergents.
  • The additive used within the seal has been approved by FDA, EPA and EFSA.
  • The silver ions on the seal have no taste, no smell, is non-toxic, non-leaching
         and non-corrosive in temperatures up to 200°C.
  • The seal material has been independently tested and found to destroy on contact
         MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter etc.
  • Performance is not affected by scratches, bumps or general wear and tear and
         lasts for the usefulness life of the product.

    Produced in Food Grade 60A 


  • Yellow for Health care
  • Blue for Food sector.

    This material can be supplied as gaskets, sheets, seals and extruded sections.


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