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Spare Sieve Screens for Centrifugal Sifters Nylon / Polyester

Product Details

Process Components in-house sewing facility ensures that the order process and manufacturing procedures are streamline. The operation which manufactures a wide range of sifter screens for KEK, Kemutecs centrifugal sifters as well as diaphragms for Mucon valves and filter bags has gone from strength to strength following investment in new machinery, which has doubled the sewing capacity and expanded our capabilities. Process Components also manufacture screens for other make of Sifters including Gericke, Azo and Reimalt.


Options Include:

  • Double skin screens, giving longer screen life in finer sieving
  • Wide range of aperture sizes available from 53 to 5000 micron
  • Coloured nylon screens for efficient traceability. All dyes are FDA approved
  • Precision woven fabric for more uniform product
  • Fabric Diaphragms and liners
  • Expert advice to ensure the right diaphragm is selected to suit the application
  • Many different diaphragm materials are available to suit anything from very abrasive to the most delicate products
  • Liners available to assist diaphragm opening or to combating diaphragm wear
  • Filter Sock / Bags
  • Range of materials to suit a variety of applications
  • Manufactured for maximum filtration efficiency
  • A variety of screen designs are available to suit specialist applications; e.g. Sewn seams for oil based ingredients that can penetrate the welds or for finer apertures giving more flexibility
  • Engineering Capabilities, our onsite Engineering team are available to provide CAD support and can also design bespoke templates when required
  • Anti-Static Nylon available upon request


  • In house sewing facility
  • Genuine Kemutec spare sieve screens and diaphragms
  • Flexible, highly skilled and experienced workforce


  • Quality products from original equipment manufacturer
  • Competitive prices
  • Quick response to changes in production requirements and customer demand
  • Process and applications advice / expertise
  • Reduction in downtime as performance is monitored during regular checks
  • Both ends of the screen corded for easy fitting


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