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KEK Centrifugal Sifters

KEK Centrifugal sifters provide the ideal screening solution for dry powder and other bulk solid handling systems.

KEK Cone Mills

KEK Cone Milling is a low energy size reduction concept, ideal for difficult to grind products.

Mucon Disc Valves

1st and 2nd Generation Mucon Disc Valves in Hand and Pneumatic operation versions.

Mucon Discharge Aids

Mucon Discharge Aids for light loads (mini-small hoppers) and medium to heavy loads (standard - supersize).

Mucon Level Probes

Mucon rotary paddle level indicators.

Kek Sifter Screens

Replacement sieve hoses and baskets for centrifugal sifters in nylon, poly, wedge wire and steel mesh materials.

Equipment Spares

Spares and ancillary parts for Kek, Gardner and PPS processing systems.

Mucon Spares & Ancillaries

Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valve liners, spares and ancillaries for A / B / ED and HS Series valves.




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